Sales Solutions

Sales Solutions

  • Prospecting
  • Pipeline Building
  • Closing

Close more business faster with FleetSeek!

Focus on the timely trucking prospects that need to buy now!  

Fleet insurance is up for renewal!

Trucks are aging and prime for replacement!

Uptick in hazmat violations and need compliance training!

Better conversations powered by sales intelligence from FleetSeek.

FleetSeek provides a concise overview of fleets that operate within a sales rep's territories. Seeking private or for-hire carriers, FleetSeek uncovers the fleet details needed to prepare for initial contact… Detailed fleet information can be discovered in just seconds with a user-friendly, simple to use search screen!
FleetSeek offers intelligence about fleet trucking businesses including company profiles, contact names, locations, emails, and more – delivering the information trucking service professionals need to empower sales efforts and close lucrative deals.
  • Gather New Leads

    Regular updates to fleet data delivers you fresh leads and changing market conditions.

  • GEO Targeting

    Advanced filtering by regions gives you greater targeting ability

  • Streamline Workflow

    Integrate with sales trackers for productive workflow

  • Search and Go

    Saved searches keep your sales efforts focused

FleetSeek provides valuable fleet attributes right at your fingertips

  • Geo-targeting potential truck owners

    Increase Field Productivity…

    A truck manufacturer uses FleetSeek to map sales territories, manage sales funnels, and connect remote workers to streamline sales cycles and work order processing.
  • Use Truck Mileage and GVWR Class to discover sales opportunities.

    Refine searches specific to your business or territory…

    A tire manufacturer uses FleetSeek to determine mileage among fleets that operate within their national sales regions and spots an opportunity to target Class 8 vehicles needing high performance tires within 22 states.
  • Identify and reach your ideal trucking customers.

    Increase ROI for Sales Outreach…

    A GPS tracking system provider leverages FleetSeek to find how many private fleets owning more than 30 medium-sized trucks and discovers more than 2,200 new phone numbers to contact for their targeted sales campaign promoting their the data tracking, analysis, and reporting capabilities.

Fleet attributes you need for targeted campaigns.

  • Contact Info

  • Fleet Size & Counts

  • CSA Scores & Insurance

  • Location & Mapping

  • Carrier Type & Demographics

  • Mileage & Driver Counts

  • Industry Classifications & Groupings

  • DOT, MCN & Other Fleet Identifiers

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