How many records are in the FleetSeek database?

FleetSeek has more than 700,000 fleet records in the database. As fleets come and go, there will be fluctuations in the exact number of FleetSeek records, but over the past 10 years the database has continued to grow. FleetSeek data is compiled from a number of sources, so you can be sure that what is available in FleetSeek is the most comprehensive and accurate data on the market.

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How often does FleetSeek data get updated and how can I be sure the data is accurate?

New fleet data becomes available on a daily basis. However, we maintain many rigorous data validation processes to ensure that data is verified, accurate and up-to-date before it ever enters the FleetSeek database. These processes are conducted and managed by trusted, experienced industry veterans who have in-depth knowledge of the trucking industry. These proprietary processes are put in place so that we can ensure the highest in data integrity. Many fleet data compilers simply pull down data from the DOT website or from a single source, offering data that is often obsolete and/or incorrect. This can be frustrating for those who are relying on only DOT data for fleet information. With FleetSeek you can be confident that our proprietary processes for gathering and validating data from multiple industry sources (including those not available in published resources) are superior and that manual checks are put in place to ensure that when you access FleetSeek data, you have the most recent and reliable fleet data intelligence.

Can I schedule a demonstration of how FleetSeek works?

Absolutely! You can call 888-665-9887 right now to speak to a FleetSeek representative who will schedule a time to demonstrate how FleetSeek works. If outside of business hours, a FleetSeek representative will get back to you within 48 hours.

Who should I call if I have questions on my FleetSeek subscription?

You can call to 888-665-9887 speak to a FleetSeek representative. If you would like to speak to a particular person, or if you need specific support, your call will be directed to the appropriate person.

How can I purchase FleetSeek?

It’s easy! You can call us direct at 888-665-9887 to discuss how a FleetSeek subscription can match up with your current needs.

Will I be able to export FleetSeek data into my existing CRM?

Yes if your CRM software can take in .CSV formats. These industry standard file formats are supported by FleetSeek as well as major CRM platforms like

Why are you still showing CSA scores?

Despite the legislation to prevent publication of CSA percentiles, FleetSeek will continue to post the last scores received for each carrier.  We are following the developments with the FMCSA closely and will adjust to accommodate any new rulings or changes to the data.

Can I purchase a FleetSeek subscription for a single state?

Currently FleetSeek subscriptions are sold by Regions which include multiple states or by Nationwide which includes full national coverage. In most cases, our Regional packages provide an advantage for the customer such that they receive a much larger coverage area than a single state. If the regional subscriptions are not configured for states you are interested in, please call us at 888-665-9887 to discuss how we can build a custom subscription for your needs. We are generally flexible and can work with you to configure the best possible subscription package, based on what will work for you in the long run.

How will I be billed for a FleetSeek subscription?

FleetSeek subscriptions are billed on an annual basis. For subscriptions that extend beyond one year, subsequent payments will be processed automatically on the annual date set at time of purchase. For custom packages and purchases made by the phone, your sales and/or account representative will clarify your ongoing billing schedule and renewal cycles. At that time, you may designate the appropriate billing contact.

I am a past FleetSeek customer and I would like to renew my subscription. How can I update my account from what was previously purchased?

Renewing your FleetSeek subscription is easy. If you are an existing FleetSeek customer and your subscription is about to expire, call 888-665-9887 today and a representative will process your renewal.

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