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FleetSeek™ is a searchable online database of For-Hire Carriers, Private Fleets, and Owner Operators.  Our team of skilled analysts verify contact, equipment, insurance, safety, and inspection information for these companies as a service for our customers.  Given the amount of work needed to verify all this information and the need to secure personally identifying information, we require every user to access our database with a username and password.  There is no logged out version of FleetSeek due to the nature of the dataset we provide.  The database is available on the Internet at, where you can search, sort, print and download the information into Excel or .csv format.

If you forgot your password, you can reset it right away using the Forgot Password feature.

Please note: Your username on the login screen will be your email address.


 Once you have signed in with your email address and password, you will arrive at the FleetSeek™ home page.

On this page you can apply filters based on the search parameters that you need to locate companies that you want to target.  These filters are found on the left of the page and are in the following categories: Keyword, Location, Fleet Types, Vehicle Class, Equipment, Safety, Industry, or Other.

How to Search within FleetSeek:

  • Keyword: used when looking up a specific USDOT number or company name.
  • Location: used to target a specific country, city, state, and radius from a starting location.
  • Fleet Types: used to search for Private Fleets, For-Hire, or Owner Operator Fleets.
  • Please note: Your subscription type will directly impact this filter feature. If you are not subscribed to a specific Fleet Type, you will not be able to see those companies that match the fleet type selected.
  • Vehicle Class: used to apply the class of truck you are searching for – light, medium, or heavy-duty trucks.
  • Equipment: used if you would like to limit on attributes of the fleet such as Make, Engine Make, Year, number of vehicles in the fleet, types of trailers included in the fleet, or even hazmat attributes.
  • Safety: applied if you are concerned with Insurance coverage or the number of crashes sustained by a particular fleet.
  • Industry: used to narrow down on fleets based on what they are hauling.
  • Other: used to target contact attributes such as Job Title, number of drivers, or even mileage.

To save time, you can also save and manage any of your favorite searches to save time.  Use the “Save Queries” in the top left of the home page to save a query you’d like to use again later.

You can adjust the view using default settings in the top right of the home page.  The default view shows the company and location and a list of 25 returns.  You can select an expanded view that will show contact information.  You can change from 25 results per page to a 50, 75, 100, or 200 pages in either Standard or expanded view.

Once you have set the filters and adjusted the view, the website will have a targeted list of all companies that match your targeting criteria.

If you have our downloadable subscription, you can download your results using our Export All button.  If your subscription does not include this functionality or if you would prefer to look into each fleet individually, you can select the Fleet Name to gain more insight into the details of that Fleet.

Please note: vehicle make, engine type, vehicle year percentages, individual crash and inspection details do not appear in the downloaded Excel files



Once you’ve narrowed in on a Fleet of interest within FleetSeek™, you may want to look at the fleet details and contact information for that Fleet.  To show you this, we will review the FedEx Express Fleet.

When you initially arrive at the Fleet Details, you’ll notice six main tabs: Equipment, Details, Safety, Crash, Inspection, and Contact.  Depending on what filter attributes you applied at the beginning of your search, you may have already accounted for these attributes.  In this example, we will assume no filters have been applied.

When you select a fleet, you will be presented with additional details.  It is from this page that you will be able to drill down using the tabs across the top of the screen to get more of the fleet specific information.

The Equipment Tab will show you a breakdown of the equipment attributes that apply to this fleet.  This include miles traveled, GVW weight class, number of vehicles and trailers, breakdown of makes in the fleets, and the breakdown of their fleet by model year.

The Details tab contains details about the specific company including the Fleet Type, the SIC Code, and the physical address.  We also offer a “map it” button that will open a new browser window to take you to Google’s map page for that address.

The Safety Tab contains specific safety scores and insurance information that pertains to the fleet.  It includes the company’s CSA Safety percentages (Unsafe driving, HOS Compliance, Driver Fitness, Drug & Alcohol, and Vehicle Maintenance) and Insurance information.

The Crash Tab contains information regarding what crashes happened on what dates and in what locations to this fleet.  It also contains information regarding what trucks in the fleet were involved in the accident.

The Inspection Tab contains information about the fleet each time it was inspected.  Information such as the location and number of violations can be found on this tab.

Finally, the Contact Tab contains important contacts who manage these fleets.  These include Safety Manager, Fleet Owners, Fleet Managers, and Driver Managers.  Note that, because this is personal information, contact data from in this guide have been removed.


FleetSeek™ is an ever-changing database of contacts and the market for commercial fleets is constantly shifting – sometimes people change jobs or companies go out of business or fleets come back into operation after deactivating for a few months.  If you feel that we need to make an update to our fleet information, please select the “Submit Corrections” link at the bottom of the page and input the correct information.  This will send an email directly to our analyst team to verify the new information.


There may be a select group of fleets you want to check up on a regular cadence.  FleetSeek™ helps make this easy by adding a “Get Alerts” feature for every fleet in the database.  Just select the “Get Alerts” tab in the top right and the FleetSeek website will automatically send your email an alert when there has been a change to that fleet.


The Dashboard within FleetSeek™ is your resource to manage your account and the accounts of those in your company if you have a large multiple user account.  If you want to end alerts for a fleet or manage details on your account, you can do so in the Dashboard. If you are an Admin for a multiple user account, you can adjust user settings and credentials for everyone in your organization via this the Dashboard, as well.

To navigate to the Dashboard, select your name in the top right corner and a drop down will appear.  Select “My Dashboard” from that drop down.

In your Dashboard, you’ll be able to see your personal company settings.  You can also navigate to various tabs within your Dashboard including: Edit Profile, Manage User, and Manage Export.

Please Note: Depending on what type of subscription you have with FleetSeek, you may not see all the tabs described below.

In the Edit Profile section, details like First and Last name as well as address can be changed on the account.  Make sure to save any changes made by selecting the “Save” button.  This is also the place to change the password on the account if needed.

If you are an Admin of a multiple user account, you can add and remove users directly from your Dashboard.  Navigate to the Manage Users tab to see the number of licenses available and the list of current users.  Remove users or manage users with the tools on the left of the list.

If your subscription includes the Export functionality, you can manage all your past exports via the Dashboard as well.  You can select the file type, manage templates, and download past exports again in this tab.


FleetSeek™ is built to be user friendly and self-serving, but sometimes, questions arise that we did not account for.  In those situations, we suggest you use our Support Tab.  Here you will find Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) as well as contact information for our Help Desk.

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